What I Offer


1:1 “It’s Your Life” Coaching

1:1 coaching is powerful. The goal is to help you identify what's most important so that you can live aligned with that. No regret. No apology.

Public & Keynote Speaking

Have a group of open-minded people who want more from their lives but can't possibly fit another thing into their schedules? Let me in!

Monthly Classes & Group Coaching

Prefer a group setting rather than the 1:1 intensity? I get that. These affordable monthly lunchtime classes might be perfect for you.

Organizational Coaching

Your organization has a culture. Is it the one you want?  You can create alignment in every part of your business. Now is the right time.

What Is Being Said About Me

As a result of working with Marion, I am lighter and clearer and so much more at peace. Also, for the first time in my life I know that I am enough. I now have the skills to look at all the relationships and things that have happened to me through a different lens. I felt like Marion reached down and ripped me out of a cyclone of fear and uncertainty.

Working with Marion, I learned how to question and reframe some of the long-held negative thinking patterns that regularly appeared in my mind and interfered with personal and professional interactions. As a result, I understand how my thoughts affect my feelings and how I can choose to change those thoughts. Learning how to change this negative thinking is the way to a freer and more joyful life! 

I’ve worked with Marion for well over a decade. Always, she brings her A-game, or as Marion might say “the best I have.”  Organized and enthusiastic, highly competent and very committed…that’s how Marion operates. And it’s contagious!


Marion has original insight delivered with positive energy that is engaging and uplifting. In the nearly 20 years I’ve known her, she continues to broaden her skills making her a respected speaker and trainer on issues dealing with customers, employees and leadership.

The Latest From My Blog

Insider Information


You know that feeling you get sometimes when you just know that something is right for you, but it’s soooo different from what you are doing right now or from what people expect from you?

Or how about this…

That feeling you get sometimes when you just know that something is wrong for you, but it would disrupt soooo much if you didn’t do it or actually said no thank you?

Don’t you just hate those feelings? They can be so dang inconvenient.

But here’s the thing about those feelings – once you have them, even if you push them away and try to deny them, you already know something really important. You already have insider information and it is only available to you.

And there’s another big thing about those feelings – once you have them, you are going to have to choose between ignoring what you know and causing yourself that discomfort OR acting on what you know and dealing with that discomfort.

You’ll likely have to choose which discomfort you’d rather have.… Continue reading