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Coaching is powerful and fun. It requires you to own what's most important to you, then do what's most important to you!


Have a group of open-minded people who want more from their lives? I want in! I speak to groups of all sizes. Let's talk!


Looking for something fun to do over lunch that will help you feel better about your life and all that's in it? These classes are for you!


Let me in your inbox once a week and I'll share some experiences and lessons that will help you wake-up and be more alive in your life!

What Is Being Said About Me

Working with Marion, I learned how to question and reframe some of the long-held negative thinking patterns that regularly appeared in my mind and interfered with personal and professional interactions. As a result, I understand how my thoughts affect my feelings and how I can choose to change those thoughts. Learning how to change this negative thinking is the way to a freer and more joyful life! 

Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  Thank you for continuing to be creative and generous in helping us get out of our ruts and into the roles for which we were born!  Your friendship, knowledge and wisdom offer a steady scaffolding and I am ready to climb on.  You are the BEST!!

I’ve worked with Marion for well over a decade. Always, she brings her A-game, or as Marion might say “the best I have.”  Organized and enthusiastic, highly competent and very committed…that’s how Marion operates. And it’s contagious!


Marion has original insight delivered with positive energy that is engaging and uplifting. In the nearly 20 years I’ve known her, she continues to broaden her skills making her a respected speaker and trainer on issues dealing with customers, employees and leadership.

From The Blog

Making Room For The Important Stuff

Coming home to your lifeWhen my mom died back in 1995, I was knocked down hard. As I tried to get back up, I found I had very little in my life that I could call on and look to for support. And here’s the kicker: I was not at all alone in my life. Quite the contrary, my life was very full of people, work, yuppie-styled possessions, social demands, and I woke up most mornings ready to work my 12 + hour day. But with mom gone, all that felt different.

With mom gone, it was painfully clear that I had made a lot of truly unimportant things important in my life.

Something had to change.

So, in true Taurus fashion, I declared that I was only going to let the “important” stuff in my life matter to me.… Continue reading