What Are You Worth?

Nemo Is Worthy

I had to look up the definition of worth as I sat down to write this article and so, I want you to know that for the purposes of this article, worth is defined as the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

For you, things that deserve to be valued might sparkle and shine. They may be rugged and earthy. They may be handmade or they may be the product of precise production in a factory setting. You get to decide. And nobody has to agree with you.

I have friends who have a truly impressive collection of rare folk art. Their pieces are deemed extremely valuable by lots of people and other collectors. And without a doubt, my friends believe that their pieces deserve to be highly valued for sure.

But I don’t see it. I just don’t.

But let’s be super clear…It doesn’t make one bit of difference that I don’t see what they see and believe the same thing they believe about how much their artwork deserves to be valued. In no way does my inability to see what they see and believe what they believe diminish how much they value their artwork.

You get that, right?

And the same exact thing holds for how much you believe you should be valued. Nobody has to agree with you.

I totally disagree with every client I have when they tell me they don’t see themselves as super-powerful and gifted, and therefore, very worthy of love, respect, good pay and all the stuff that “worthy people” get. They cannot talk me out of what I believe about their worth. And here’s the real kicker, I can’t talk them into believing what I believe if they just don’t see it. Damn.

But here’s what I really, and I mean really get a little crazy about: If someone, anyone, has told you that you are not super-powerful and gifted, and therefore, very worthy of love, respect, good pay and all the stuff that “worthy people” get, why do you decide to agree with them and believe what they believe? Damn.

You alone are the judge of your worth. Be a fair judge and remember nobody has to agree with you. And by all means, you do not have to agree with anyone else either.

What you do next matters…

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