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Throw Your Hands In The Air!

You know that feeling you get when you are positively overcome with excitement? That deep sense of joy that fills you up when you have a sense of accomplishment? Excitement, joy and a sense of accomplishment are beautifully intoxicating feelings. They are the kinds of feelings that make you feel so full that you throw your hands in the air! […]

Leaders: Don’t Focus On Customer Service

It might be time to jump off the customer service bandwagon and throw away all the manuals and modules that claim to be your “answer” to providing great customer service. That’s because you can’t begin to move the needle on your customer service until you: CREATE AN ORGANIZATION THAT HAS A SOUL. Seriously. An organization […]

The Important Thing Really Good & Really Bad Leaders Have In Common

I know, I know. There are HUGE differences between really good and really bad leaders. But, there is something really important that they both have in common. They have both made a choice to be the kind of leader they are. The really good leader has chosen to be a purpose-driven leader. They have decided […]