Come On Jack, Be Nimble

Be Flexible With Your Life

(Full disclosure…I’m a recovering control freak.
I’m talking to myself here, but you’re invited to eavesdrop!)


When you slow down, unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders and un-make your fist…the answer comes. 

And the answer is the key to your freedom.

<go ahead, slow down, unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders and un-make your fist now, so the answer can come>

You only have control over you, and absolutely nothing else.

<breathe that in, several times>

You don’t control your spouse or partner, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Nor your employer or employees.

Nor your in-laws.

Nor whether the flight is on time.

Not anything outside of your own choices and decisions, responses and reactions.

It’s official, there’s a lot you do not have any control over.

But don’t stop there! Embracing what you don’t control is just one part of your freedom. 

Now, you get to fully embrace how much energy, time and focus you have just freed up! Now you get to put all of that, yes all of that, on what you DO have control over! You.

Now you get to invest all of that energy, time and focus on YOU, so that you become nimble as you make your choices and decisions, and choose your responses and reactions to life’s circumstances.

It’s OK if that feels like a tall order. It feels that way because it is. So, I encourage you to ease into this and see it like a dance.

A dance where you are the dancer and the circumstances of your life are the music.

Sometimes, the music of your life is such that you twist and shout, (just couldn’t resist) and sometimes your music is a sweet and safe lullaby that opens the door for you to waltz with ease.

You are the dancer and you are in control of how you respond to the different beats you hear.

Doesn’t that make you want to (nimbly) kick up your heels? 

What you do next matters…

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