Horses Are Great Teachers & Coaches

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That’s Merlin and he will help you connect like no other.

“Horses communicate what they feel, straight up, all the time. Which means that to gain their trust, we humans must be genuine, clear, and honest.” ~ Koelle Simpson

We know you are serious about being the kind of leader who is not only a good steward of your financial resources and other key measurables, but also the kind of leader who wants to make a difference in the lives of the people you lead and serve…that requires meaningful connections with them. And to have those meaningful connections with them, you must first connect with yourself. A disconnected leader is no leader at all. Let a horse (and us!) help you make a deep connection with yourself so that you can connect with others in more meaningful ways!

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A little more about why we work with horses to coach leaders…

Today, employees want more than a job and paycheck, they want PURPOSE and SIGNIFICANCE.

They want to know and feel they are making a contribution to and difference in something bigger than themselves – something they believe in.

They want to get a feeling of fulfillment from the work they do.

They want a CONNECTION to their work and to the people they work with.

And we believe leaders of teams and organizations have a RESPONSIBILTY to offer them that.

Yes, for each employee’s sake.

But let’s be honest here, this is a true win-win, and there is definitely something in this for you as a leader.

Because employees who work with purpose and feel fulfilled are: higher producers, more creative, outstanding customer service providers, and create the kind of work environment that people want to be part of and no one wants to leave!

Yeah, we know. That’s a lot.

But it’s true. (We know you know that!)

We want to help you become the kind of leader who has this kind of team. And that kind of leader has a name: AN AUTHENTIC LEADER

We will support you as you tap into your authentic leadership style – we don’t have a “prescription” for making you an authentic leader – but you do.

And our biggest aim is to help you connect with that part of you that knows who you are at your best so that you lead from your sweet spot.

We work with horses because they provide unbiased and unflinchingly honest feedback regarding how clear, confident, genuine, focused and congruent you are. To be a great leader, you really do have to be all those things. And they offer this feedback without an ounce of judgment! (that’s something we humans struggle with mightily, don’t you agree?)

We will be right there, coaching with them, but make no mistake, the horses are the real coaches here.

They will help you connect with yourself in ways we human coaches simply cannot.

We all know that making connections is key to great leadership.

Authentic leaders know that the first connection that must be made is with oneself. Then, and only then, do the other connections even have a chance.

Let a horse (and us!) help you connect with yourself and be a better leader. An Authentic Leader.

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No prior experience with horses required and we do not ride the horses.

Meet your human coaches:


Renee Sievert: Is an author, speaker, and leadership consultant. She is Certified as a Master Coach, and a Master Equus Facilitator and specializes in the areas of clinical consulting, executive leadership and team development, assisting organizations to manage change and helping teams formulate and implement future-minded organizational goals. Renee is also a Registered Nurse, holds an master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). Renee is also a Brene Brown Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.



Marion Youngblood:  Is a Certified Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Consultant, Team Excellence Coach and Speaker specializing in helping individuals, teams and organizations connect with who they are at their best. Her work supports individuals, teams and organizations in becoming purpose-driven and values-infused. Additionally, her work assists her clients connect with their purpose (their “why”) and then use that clarity so that as they live and work, their hearts as well as their minds are fully engaged in all they do.


Both Renee and Marion received their Life Coach Certifications through Dr. Martha Beck’s training program.

CLICK HERE to be notified when we schedule our next equine demonstration.
No prior experience with horses required and we do not ride the horses.