Do You Like Pina Coladas?


I am aware that I am giving away a lot about myself with this article. I am OK with that because there’s an important message and it’s worth sharing so I am willing to expose myself.

Last weekend, while travelling to see my sister I was jamming to the 70’s on my satellite radio and Rupert Holmes’ song “Escape” came on. This song is also known as The Pina Colada song. You can click below to take a journey back to 1979 when this song was a hit but here’s the low down on the message of the song…

A couple had been together for a pretty ling time and had  grown tired of each other. By all accounts they were into a dull routine.

The man takes a stroll through the personal column of his local paper and notices an ad placed by a woman who is looking for love and who likes pina coladas and making love at midnight…among other things.

Motivated by the possibilities, he takes out an ad of his own where he declares he likes pina coladas and making love at midnight too…among other things. He then asks to meet at a bar where they can plan their escape. ¬†

The man goes to the bar and waits, and in comes the woman and he knows it’s her in an instant. Interestingly, it turns out that IT’S HIS LADY FRIEND who had taken out the ad he responded to. (Can you say “awkward?”)

They had no idea that the other liked what the other liked. They had no idea. They were just living in their dull routine.

I wonder how many of us have what we want and don’t even know it because we aren’t talking or aren’t listening or aren’t open to what’s right in front of us. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Do YOU like Pina Coladas? Do YOU have what you want in your life right now and because of some “dull routine” are you simply failing to see it?

We are creating our lives…one decision at a time.


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