Does This Make Sense?

Love and Kindness make senseThere are things I do that make no sense. Not one bit of sense. Do you do things that make no sense?

Like, do you talk down to yourself when you make a mistake, thinking that is going to help you feel better and have the energy to do better? That makes no sense. I have done that.

Or do you say “yes” to the requests of acquaintances because you are afraid you will hurt their feelings if you say “no?” Even though that “yes” to them means you have to say “no” to your family or friends and end up hurting their feelings? I mean come on, those are the folks we care most about, right? So, that makes no sense. I have done that.

Maybe you, like me, have missed out on the moment-to-moment magic and beauty that’s available in your life because you’ve bought into the lie that there is something wrong with you? Seriously, that makes no sense. And yet, I have done that.

You get the picture, I know you do. And if you are doing anything that just does not make sense, like the examples above, you have permission to stop. But you have to give it to yourself. Will you?

I do less things now that make no sense than I used to, but it is something I have to watch. Well, I don’t have to, but if I want to be happy, it’s definitely in my best interest to watch it.

So, please hear this: If you are doing something, anything , that feels bad or just is not working despite your best efforts, I invite you to ask a simple question: Does this make sense? And if it doesn’t, please, please, give yourself permission to STOP. After all, as well-intentioned and smart as we are, we ought to at least be doing things that make sense! And I have found two things that make sense all of the time: Love and kindness. All of the time.

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