What If It Doesn’t Matter How Many Likes and Friends You Have?

To Thine Own Self Be True

Let me say up front, I am not going to slam Facebook in this post. Facebook is an amazing phenomenon and for those of us who have created a profile or a business page, there is not a thing in the world they do that we are not buying into if we are still there. So, this is not about them. It is about you and me.

I believe that we all crave connection and we all ache to be significant in some way. I also believe that those are both extremely healthy longings for us to have because we are built for them. They are in our DNA.

So I think it is a good idea from time to time to do a check-in with ourselves to assure that we are not looking for those things in the wrong places or in less than the healthiest of ways.

Let’s do that check-in now, shall we? Here are some questions to get us thinking…

What if, as we decide whether to do something or not, or say something or not, we consider only what feels right and true for us?

What if we do not even consider posting something on any social media until we can claim, “This is my truth and I don’t need you to like it or approve of it.”

What if we truly do not posture for any of that liking or approval stuff, and we simply share what is in our hearts?

And what if we do the same thing in our in-person relationships, not just the virtual ones?

What if we dared to be so honest, so authentic, that we stop trying to be who we think we should be and we simply let what’s in our hearts spill out without fear of how we’ll be received?

Think the world would fall apart around us?

I wonder about that, don’t you?

And if it did, it wouldn’t be all that great of a world, now would it? I mean come on, if we’re busy building a world that falls apart because we have the courage to show up as ourselves, we really need to know that. More importantly, we need a plan for building something different!

Listen, I’ve have my world fall apart before so I’m not advocating that we get our sledge hammers out and go to town! I’m just encouraging us to ask these questions of ourselves so that we build something that will last and feel like home to us. So that we build something that gives us the space to make healthy connections and serve as our platform for making our difference in this world.

Because when we do that, when we build that world for ourselves, that is where kindness lives.

I’m for truth and authenticity. And yes, I’m for those things at all costs because if I compromise those things, I go broke.

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