Everything Makes Me More

Everything makes me more!I really do try to live with an “everything makes me more” approach to life. You know that approach, right? It’s the cousin of “what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger,” and the in-law to “sh#t happens, deal with it.”

There’s nothing wrong with those other two, but I prefer “everything makes me more” because, quite frankly, it doesn’t bring up death or sh#t, and there’s another reason: because it’s the truth. Everything really does make me more – and it’s true for you too.

Now hold on, I want you to know that when I am in the middle of a real crisis or just some crap of my own making, I am not always quick to look at the experience with a happy heart all full of excitement for the learning and growing I’ll get from the experience. Not at all. I’ve definitely stomped my feet, rolled my eyes, clenched my teeth and even asked the age-old question, “Why is this happening to me?” Heck, I’ve even gone as far as throwing a full-on pity party for myself and taken the deep dive into Story-Land where I’m the poor, hard-working victim and everything and everybody is out to get me. Sure have.

You ever been to a Story-Land like that? Seems to be a popular destination for many of us. But I say we pack our bags, check-out and vow to never come back. Because here’s the thing…that kind of Story-Land is a bad-bad place for us. It’s bad for our hearts and all that’s in them and, even worse, going there will keep us away from our dreams. How’s that for a billboard?

Come visit us at “Story-Land!”
We’ll drain the life out of you & prove that “life’s hard & then you die.”
We have vacancies!

OK, I’ll stop with the Story-Land references. But I want this to be easier to remember!

I want to, next time a challenging situation presents itself, be more open-minded and open-hearted so that growth is possible. I want to stay a safe distance away from the kind of thinking that zaps my energy and leaves me feeling depleted and like a victim. I want to rise up and expand into the space that’s being created in my life rather than shrink away, frustrated and beaten down. I want to respond to challenges in a way that allows me truly see myself and use what I see to thrive.

I actually want everything to make me more. More of the person I want to be.

So, when I am in the middle of a tough, challenging, less-than-desirable situation, I just need to ask one question of myself: To be more of the person I want to be, what do I need to do next? Then repeat that question…over and over and over…

We choose our responses to what life offers us and our responses create the life we’re living. What kind of life would you create for yourself if you took the “everything makes me more” approach? To be more of the person you want to be, what do you need to do next?

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