From Within


Change is needed and needed right away.

I think knowing ourselves needs to be one of those things that gets encouraged and taught and made routine from early childhood. I think it needs to be taught with the other important lessons like washing our hands after a bathroom visit, covering our nose and mouth when we cough or sneeze, and brushing our teeth at least three times a day. Those lessons get drilled into us by multiple older and supposedly wiser people from very early in our lives. We are told those are important lessons because if we don’t do those things, we’ll be guilty of not taking care of ourselves, we might catch germs and get sick. ¬†Agreed, avoiding germs and things that can make us sick makes sense. Those are good lessons to learn.

But why are we not just as eagerly taught, over and over again, that when we stifle our true essence in order to conform or fit in that the very act of hiding ourselves will make us sick? Why are we not encouraged to keep ourselves free from the awful infestation of disease that comes with denying the truth of who we are?

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” ~ Jesus, according to the Gospel of St. Thomas

I love those words. And it is my hope that for any of you who don’t like religious references that you will just look at the words themselves because those are some extremely powerful words. As someone who has lived a lot of my life not knowing myself and doing lots of “fitting in,” I can tell you that it’s absolutely true that not bringing forth what is within you makes you sick. Very sick.¬†But all that sickness, all that disease has a cure. And the cure is to do the work to know who you are and then bring it forth. It’s not too late and the world needs what is within you.

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