How Vulnerable Are You?

I am studying a lot these days and one topic that keeps coming up is vulnerability. I used to think that when I showed vulnerability I was showing weakness. After lots of hours of reading and studying and talking with some very smart people, I have changed my mind about what it means to be vulnerable and that has, literally, changed my life.

I have come to understand that being vulnerable is the only way that I can experience deep connection and deep joy in my life. For me a life without those things is simply not the life I want to live. And I now believe that instead of showing weakness, being vulnerable actually demonstrates great courage. I had it all wrong before.

The video below is really powerful and in my opinion, there is no one better suited to talk about this topic. It features Brené Brown, Ph.D talking about the price we pay in our lives when we choose to be invulnerable. I wanted to share it so that you might think about your thoughts around what it means to be vulnerable. The video is about fifteen minutes long and it is really, really worth it. Well, that is if you want to open yourself up to a life with deeper connections and deeper joy… that’s up to you.

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