The Most Important Requirement For Loving Your Life


Seems the message is out there and we can’t outrun it: You are supposed to love your life. Tony Robbins has been telling us for decades to wake up the sleepy giant within us and live with passion. Oprah told us, for years and years, that we can create a life we love and she launched the careers of several others whose messages were and still are basically the same . . . you can love your life!

I am certainly not going to argue with Tony and Oprah! You might even say that I’ve hitched my wagon to theirs. But before you can love your life, there is one thing you really do have to do.

No, you don’t have to lose the weight before you can love your life. You don’t have to get the degree, get married, get out of debt or have millions in the bank either. None of that will get you in a loving relationship with your life.

To love your life, you have to accept that you are in a lifelong relationship with yourself and treat that relationship with respect.

What the what?

Listen, you know it and so do I: wherever you go, there you are.

There’s no escaping that you are the one constant in your life. So, if you have any hope whatsoever of loving your life, you have got to get into a good, healthy, loving relationship with yourself.

And I’d like to be very clear: Being in a good, healthy, loving relationship with yourself has nothing to do with being selfish, or arrogant or self-absorbed! (All those things just make you a jerk. And please remember, this is a “NO JERK ZONE.”)

How do you get into a loving relationship with yourself?

You start by asking yourself if you like and are proud of who you are becoming if you stay on the course you are on right now. Really look at what you are choosing to do with your life and what results your choices are producing.

Armed with your honest answers, you then gently decide what changes you need to make that allow you to like and feel proud of who you are becoming.

Then for each area of your life repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Take your time but do start now.

You are in a lifelong relationship with yourself. Honor it. It’s the key to loving your life.

What you do next matters.

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