I am betting that you always have the best of intentions when you start out to do something. Of course you do, right?

I mean really, nobody starts out to do something with a goal or intention for things to go poorly. Surely not.

But what about when we just get caught up in whatever flow of life that is surrounding us and we simply react without regard to our intentions?  When we don’t stop to ask ourselves what we intend to cause through our actions or lack of actions? Do we have the best of intentions then? Do we have intentions at all?

I have certainly done my share of reacting to circumstances in my life without any regard for what I was truly intending, and when that has happened, my reactions have pretty much always gotten me as close to the opposite of my true desire or intention as possible.

So I am noticing something here…

If we truly have the best of intentions, we don’t simply react.  We are too clear about what we are intending to get caught up in the moment or caught off guard.

And one more thing, if we’re clear, that means there is no need for those awful words, “but she means well,” uttered as an excuse as the residue of our “best intentions” is scraped from the floor.

It’s one thing to have the best of intentions. It’s another to stay clear on them.


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