Making Life Better

There’s sunlight out there waiting

Yeah, yeah, I know. Life is complex and often complicated. Especially during the holidays. In the midst of the crazy pace and endless lists of things to do, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the frenzied whirlwind of our lives. So, I offer you the following five suggestions to help keep insanity at bay and happiness within easy reach. I use these tips daily. I really do, and each one paves the way for me to have a better day. And when I string one better day after another better day and so on and so on, I get a better life! You can too.

Suggestion 1
Tell someone you love them before you turn on any electronic devices. I am talking about televisions, smart phones, cell phones, computers or anything else that lets the outside in. You can do this even if you are not in the same physical space with another living soul.  Just close your eyes, visualize their face, and say “I love you.”

Suggestion 2
If you find yourself talking about somebody, ask yourself “Am I willing to say this to them?” before you say it about them. Talking about someone behind their back is just an awful habit and most of us have been hurt by such gossip. If what you are saying about someone is not something you have the guts to say to their face, it’s probably best left unsaid. Actually, no probably about it.

Suggestion 3
Stand up and sit up straight. Reminds me of grade school, but being aware of your posture when you are standing or sitting has an amazing impact on how you feel. Try it right now. You breathe better, your energy level increases and you definitely look better. These are not small things!

Suggestion 4
Drink lots of water. Whether you get it from a bottle or a tap, it’s imperative to keep things moving through your body. The experts say to take your body weight, divide by two and the result is how many ounces you need each day. Now listen, please don’t succumb to the temptation to call this one silly, because this one is really important. My energy level takes a dive and I get a little crabby when I don’t drink enough water.  So, go grab a glass and come on back for the fifth and final thing you can do to make your life better…I’ll wait.

Suggestion 5
Wash your hands and each time you wash your hands think of at least one thing you are grateful for. Not only will you be getting rid of nasty germs but you will be filling your heart with the power of gratitude. Since most of us wash our hands ten or more times a day, just think how this one can help us stay focused on what we have rather than on what we lack.

I hope you’ll try these suggestions if they resonate with you. And if you do, please let me know how much better you feel. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for being here.

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