So Much To Learn & Teach

Marion Youngblood, Coach | Speaker

I know that in last week’s post I asked you to remember just how much you know. And I meant it! 

But this week, I am asking you to remember just how much you have left to learn. In fact, I want to encourage you to open up, as much as you possibly can, during this holiday season, because it will be RIPE with lessons that will enrich your life. 

So, put on your biggest thinking cap and soak up the knowledge because all your friends, family members, strangers and even your foes have something to teach you. 

Are you willing to learn? 

Leave the defensiveness at the door, just put down the baggage. And realize that you too, are offering up life lessons to those around you based on how you are showing up. Think about what you are teaching them because you are holding class for sure.

Above all, enjoy the holiday! Learn all you can. By all means, be happy with who you are being. It’s your classroom, have fun!

What you do next matters . . . 

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