Need a penny? Have a penny?

share your abundance

How good would life be if we adopted the simple and helpful approach seen in that photo as we live together on this planet?

I mean seriously.

What if, when we need something, we admit it and then reach out to get it?

And what if, when we have something we can share, we put it out into the world and make it available?

No more suffering in silence.

No more living in fear of lack and holding onto our abundance – whatever form it’s in.

There’s a little of the “chicken and egg” dilemma here and I’m not sure it matters if we ask for what we need first or share what we’ve got first. But one thing is for sure…If we begin to share our abundance, it’ll be just like that dish full of pennies…It will be a lot easier for those who need what we’ve got to take it.

Need a penny? Take a penny. Have a penny? Leave a penny.

I think this model might just make this world a better place.

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