Today Is Your “One More Day”


How many times have you heard it or said it? “If I could have just one more day with him or with her.”

And the sentence usually continues with things like, “I’d tell them how special they were to me,” or “I’d let them know how much I appreciated them for all they did for me,” or “I’d tell them I’m sorry I ever took them for granted.”

But, and this is the really hard part, it’s too late to do any of the stuff you want to do, and too late to say any of the stuff you want to say when you are wishing for one more day after they are gone.

That’s painful, trust me, I get it, but here’s the gift and the silver lining if you are willing to accept it…

You can choose, right now, to live like today is your “One More Day” with everyone and everything in your life that you hold dear. 

If you love someone, appreciate someone, depend on someone, get joy from someone – if your life is better because of someone – in any small or big way – Today is truly your “One More Day” with them.

What will you do with it?

What you do next matters . . .

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