Attention Leaders of Organizations! Your Culture Is Calling: Answer

Spewing Negatives!

It’s possible the guy in the picture above looks familiar to you. He’s had it and he wants something to change! He’s sharp. Good at what he does. He even gets along with his co-workers and your customers. Problem is, he feels unseen, unheard, under-valued and he wants to feel like he’s making a difference.

And most of all, he wants YOU, his leader, to do something about it.

Consider this…

Your organization is a living – breathing entity and if it is going to be successful long-term, you have to intentionally direct its course and nurture its culture. I know that sounds so obvious, but it’s way too easy to let the day-to-day operation of your business and the delivery of your product or service overshadow the critically important job of maintaining a healthy and widespread focus on the heart and soul of your organization – its culture.

If you have an organization that is not fun for you and your employees to get up and go to work every single day, where you see politics keeping people from showing up and doing their best work, or where there is not absolute clarity of each person’s role and responsibility in the success of that organization, YOUR CULTURE is the culprit and YOU CAN CHANGE IT.

Now is the time, so let’s talk about re-aligning your organization with what matters most and get everyone engaged.

I work with leaders of organizations to help them make sure that the culture they have is the culture they want. Because culture is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Here’s a little more information I’ve put together for you about your culture and leadership that’s important to consider.

MY-logo-2015update1The Organizational Coaching Packages I offer are one to three months in duration and since no two organizations are the same and I don’t have “package pricing” for my Organizational Coaching systems. But, I can assure you that if you want to get clear on “who you are becoming” as an organization, I will put together a package tailored to your specific needs. Contact me and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Be intentional about your organization’s culture. It’s the birthplace of your success, your mediocrity or of your failure. Let’s talk.

And depending on your circumstances, I may want to call on the special assistance of a horse or two. Cause horses are gifted teachers and truly outstanding coaches.