I find that a lot of people I encounter take a lot of things seriously. I certainly take a lot of things seriously.

According to, when something is serious it is important, or grave, or critical, or somber. Now that is heavy stuff! And when we take something seriously it means that we deliberately concentrate on it and we do so to a great extent!

So if we are going to take something seriously and deliberately concentrate on it, shouldn’t it be something that is, well, serious?

When I hold my list of what I am taking seriously up against that standard, my list goes down to nothing. Here are just two examples:

It’s not serious that I backed into my friend’s car last weekend. No one was hurt and the car can be fixed. But, I was sure taking that seriously.

It’s not serious that I was on the receiving end of some pretty nasty criticism last week. But, you guessed it; I was sure taking that seriously too.

Don’t get me wrong…some things really ARE serious. I am just offering up the suggestion that we reserve our deliberate concentration energies for those things that are truly serious and allow all the other things to be just that…not serious.

Think of the freedom! Think of all the room we make for joy and happiness!

We are creating our lives…one decision at a time.

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