Think What You’d Like

Last week, I asked several really smart people to think what they’d like. And you know what? All of them hesitated. They hesitated because, unfortunately, that’s an unfamiliar request. To some, it was a downright odd request. That got me thinking… Truth is, we can handle a lot of requests. I see us doing it […]

Making Room For The Important Stuff

When my mom died back in 1995, I was knocked down hard. As I tried to get back up, I found I had very little in my life that I could call on and look to for support. And here’s the kicker: I was not at all alone in my life. Quite the contrary, my […]

Shedding and Allowing

This guy, the lizard above who lives in our backyard, is doing something amazing. What he’s doing is natural and totally out of his control, but it’s nonetheless amazing. He’s shedding his skin because he’s growing. And unless he sheds his old skin, he will not be able to grow. The process is called ecdysis, […]

When You Are Not Sure What To Do

I used to tell myself, pretty often, that I didn’t know what to do. If I had even the slightest doubt about which way to go or what choice to make, I would go to the dark side and convince myself that something was wrong with me and that I should always know what to […]

Your Safe Place

We found this little guy hiding out in our garden underneath the squash. Adorable, isn’t he? (I actually have no idea if he’s a he or a she, but I can’t call him or her an “it” so I’m going with he.)  He sat there real still, eyes wide open, and I imagine pretty frightened. […]