We’re Always Leaving Tracks

I love being on the beach. I especially love all the tracks that people, animals and vehicles leave in the sand. While I visited the coast recently, I couldn’t help noticing how much of an imprint I was leaving behind as I walked to the water. As I noticed the tracks I was leaving, I […]

Need a penny? Have a penny?

How good would life be if we adopted the simple and helpful approach seen in that photo as we live together on this planet? I mean seriously. What if, when we need something, we admit it and then reach out to get it? And what if, when we have something we can share, we put […]

Overnight Brilliance Thwarted

Sometimes I have super ideas in the middle of the night. These ideas are so good and so clear that I am absolutely convinced that there is no way I’ll forget them when I wake up. So, I don’t get up and write them down, I just lay there all proud and sleepy and eventually […]

We’ve All Got Them

You know what? We’re all really quite similar to each other. All of us. Hold on, because I am not trying to stomp on your uniqueness. I’d never do that. Truth is, you’ve got gifts and talents that only you possess that this world really needs. You are, without a doubt, an unrepeatable gift to […]

Hello New Year

It’s that time of year again. You know, out with the old and in with the new. Exciting times, right? Full of hope even. Well, I sure hope so. But just in case this time of year brings something other than, woo-hoo, bring it on 2014!, out in you, I totally understand! Sorry to be […]