Turn Off Your Blinker


There I was, on Interstate 85 travelling to Durham from our home in Hillsborough, NC, and as I eased into the “comfort” of interstate driving (yes, I am kidding about that being comfortable) I found myself behind a car with the left turn blinker doing its thing …  blinking. As I traveled mile after mile, […]

Time To Worry

Not time to worry

Last week, as I was talking with a friend, I heard myself say something really strange. And upon reflection I am now also calling what I said silly. That makes what I said to my friend both silly AND strange. Yes, it takes a lot of patience to be my friend. Here’s what happened… My friend […]

Extreme Unveiling


I saw a lot of very interesting people on a recent return trip home from Arizona. I am not talking about the vast number of individuals I saw, each with their own unique appearance, preferences, sense of style, and idiosyncrasies, although all of that was quite fun to observe. I am talking about how I […]

Have A Good-Nice Day


As I was leaving a store last week, an employee shouted out, “have a good, nice day!” On any other day I may not have heard the words so clearly, but on this day these words rang out clearly because I was having a particularly trying day. Honestly, I was having a bad day and […]