Why Do We Make It About Us?

The salesperson taking my money for the boots I was buying could not have been more rude. She never once looked at me and rolled her eyes as I dropped one of the boots out of the box while putting them on the counter. She ripped the top off of the box as she checked […]

Power To Change The World


We’ve all heard this, right? “Our words have power.” I remember hearing versions of that as a very young kid from my mom. I vividly remember one day in our kitchen when she told me that my words have the power to slice another person in half. In half. That was quite a visual for a young kid, and […]

17 Things I’ve Learned

Some days it really hits me…life is happening so fast! Maybe it’s because I remember things now by recalling the decade of my life in which they happened, but I am often supremely surprised at just how fast I went from 2o something to 50 something.  That’s three decades! As I live the next three […]

Are You Willing To Give What You Are Asking For?

If we want something from someone, or from the universe, or from the higher power we believe in, I think it should be a prerequisite that we be willing to give that same thing (whatever it is that we want) to others. If we want others to accept us for exactly who we are without […]