Be Sure To Only Die Once

When my mother died nearly twenty years ago, my world turned upside down and I was completely unable to continue with my life as I had known it before her death. I didn’t know how to live without my mother and I struggled mightily. One day, several months after mom’s death while I was still as […]

What Are You Worth?

I had to look up the definition of worth as I sat down to write this article and so, I want you to know that for the purposes of this article, worth is defined as the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated. For you, things that deserve to be valued might sparkle and shine. They […]

Where Are The Things That Take Your Time Taking You?

Tick Tock. You and I both know the finite-ness of our lives. We know “we ain’t getting out alive,” but are we honoring our lives and all that’s in them with the choices we make about how we spend our time? Do the things we spend our time on honestly and clearly line up with […]

What Will You Allow In The New Year?

They are all over the place right now. Those year-end reviews of the “best of” and “worst of” the past year. It’s entertaining for sure. But it’s mighty subjective and that got me thinking… What’s the best way for you and me to do our own year-end review? Well, with all the respect I can offer, […]

Do You Mind Your Own Business?

For most of my life, the phrase “mind your own business,” has been full of negative energy and sharp barbs. Whether I was the one saying it or the one it was being said to, its full intention was to cause separation. The kind of separation that felt like a big, vault-sized door had been […]