Are You Living On Auto-Pilot?

I’ve never seen the Auto-Pilot button inside of an airplane, but I know that pilots have access to them in some aircraft. Do you have an Auto-Pilot button when it comes to your life? Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think. Surprise, surprise, I have an opinion on […]

Removing All That Isn’t You

Anne Lamott, a brilliant person and writer, wrote an article for O Magazine a few years ago and talked about how to become the person you were meant to be. Something she said in the article has stuck with me through the years. She said, “To become the person you were meant to be, first, […]

It’s Worth The Time

We are a bunch of time-stressed people. We talk about all the things we’d do if we just had more time. We leave things undone because we run out of time. We take shortcuts in an attempt to buy some extra time. We’re suffering and we need more time! It’s a fact that there are […]

It Goes Without Saying

Ever wondered what we really mean when we use the phrase, “it goes without saying?” I heard myself saying those words recently and decided to look at what the heck I meant. What I found out was that some of the things that were “going without saying” were the things I really wanted to say […]

Finding The Lesson

sunlight coming in

I really love Mike Dooley’s phrase, “everything makes me more.” I believe it. And that’s exactly why I am actually happy that I did something last week that I am not particularly proud of doing. Seriously. Let me explain… A dear friend and mentor of mine asked if I would help her out with something […]