It’s Worth The Time

We are a bunch of time-stressed people. We talk about all the things we’d do if we just had more time. We leave things undone because we run out of time. We take shortcuts in an attempt to buy some extra time. We’re suffering and we need more time! It’s a fact that there are […]

17 Things I’ve Learned

Some days it really hits me…life is happening so fast! Maybe it’s because I remember things now by recalling the decade of my life in which they happened, but I am often supremely surprised at just how fast I went from 2o something to 50 something.  That’s three decades! As I live the next three […]

Replace Negative Comments With Silence


What if we replaced our negative comments with silence? Would anyone ask why we are being so quiet? Have you ever monitored the things you say and noticed the number of negative comments you make? If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so because negative comments not only hurt the people targeted, but negative […]

Fill In The Blank

blank space

It’s natural to want to fill in the blanks that we encounter in our lives. Blanks leave us hanging.  Blanks make us uncomfortable.  There’s a void of information that comes along with a blank, and try as we might to be cool with the unknown, most of us struggle with these blanks…so we attempt to […]