Are You Willing To Give What You Are Asking For?

If we want something from someone, or from the universe, or from the higher power we believe in, I think it should be a prerequisite that we be willing to give that same thing (whatever it is that we want) to others. If we want others to accept us for exactly who we are without […]

A Message To All The Adult Bullies Out There

No bullying allowed!

Bullying is an awful problem and is getting a lot of much needed attention these days. Bullying happens at all age levels, and is very dangerous. In this post I am addressing adult bullies who target other adults.  So, if I could get all the adult bullies out there in an auditorium, this is what […]

Trash Talk


I was behind a car the other day, just driving along minding my own business, when all of a sudden the driver of that car threw trash right out of the window. I don’t mean an apple core or a toothpick or even a cigarette butt. I am talking about a full bag of trash […]