What Will You Allow In The New Year?

They are all over the place right now. Those year-end reviews of the “best of” and “worst of” the past year. It’s entertaining for sure. But it’s mighty subjective and that got me thinking… What’s the best way for you and me to do our own year-end review? Well, with all the respect I can offer, […]

Your Energy In The World

Sometimes I am shocked by what I see. I am re-reading The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, and even though this will make the third time I’ve read the book, these words flew off the page and landed on my heart in a way that felt I’d never seen them before: “The soul of the world […]

Judge or Love – You Decide

Every single day, really good people get hurt and stopped in their tracks because someone judges them. These good people I am talking about are doing the best they can, and they, like most of us, care deeply about what others think of them. So when they are judged, they hurt inside and they suffer. […]

Think What You’d Like

Last week, I asked several really smart people to think what they’d like. And you know what? All of them hesitated. They hesitated because, unfortunately, that’s an unfamiliar request. To some, it was a downright odd request. That got me thinking… Truth is, we can handle a lot of requests. I see us doing it […]

Maybe A Do-Over Is In Order

How cool would it be if you could simply staple a do-over sticker on the things you’ve done in your life that you wish you could attempt again? I mean really, just think about how wonderful it would be if we could claim “do-over” and that thing we did, no matter how big or small […]