Do You Do?

Every now and again I am reminded that I need to ask more of myself. This reminder serves me well because it causes me to check in with myself and evaluate what I am not doing because I perceive the odds to not be in my favor. At these times it never fails that I […]

A Message To All The Adult Bullies Out There

No bullying allowed!

Bullying is an awful problem and is getting a lot of much needed attention these days. Bullying happens at all age levels, and is very dangerous. In this post I am addressing adult bullies who target other adults.  So, if I could get all the adult bullies out there in an auditorium, this is what […]

Everyday Adjectives


Recently, in an attempt to have my days turn out the way I want them to turn out, I have been trying something new. If you are anything like me, some days, heck maybe even most days, come and go in a blur and as your head hits the pillow at night there is a […]

Have A Good-Nice Day


As I was leaving a store last week, an employee shouted out, “have a good, nice day!” On any other day I may not have heard the words so clearly, but on this day these words rang out clearly because I was having a particularly trying day. Honestly, I was having a bad day and […]

Who Are You To You?

looking in mirror

Recently I witnessed someone mightily defending another person.  This encounter has really changed my life, and for me is one of those perfect examples of “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This lesson is particularly powerful and I did not “get it” until days after the encounter. I was having coffee with […]