Playing Big and Small

I’ve said it myself, “play big in your own life.” I’ve enthusiastically implored the groups I’ve spoken to and my one-on-one clients as well to “stop playing small and play big in your own life!” And until a few nights ago as I sat under the night sky and saw breathtakingly bright, magnificent stars and […]

The Stuff That Does Not Fit

So much has been made of Downton Abbey’s Season 5 promotional photo blunder where a plastic water bottle appears on the mantle behind two of the show’s stars. According to the show’s website, the plastic bottle is showing up about 36 years too early for the period in which the new series is set. Click here if […]

It Helps To Look In The Right Places 

I am horrible at directions. In fact, I get ticked off when someone tells me that something is north or south or east or west. They might as well tell me that it’s twelve miles under where I’m standing, because I have about the same chance of getting there! No joke. I am directionally challenged. […]

You Always Have A Choice

Tell me that the earth isn’t round and I won’t argue with you. Tell me that there are twenty-five hours in each day and I won’t argue with you. Tell me that money does, in fact, grow on trees and I, once again, won’t argue with you. But tell me that you “don’t have a […]

Making Room For The Important Stuff

When my mom died back in 1995, I was knocked down hard. As I tried to get back up, I found I had very little in my life that I could call on and look to for support. And here’s the kicker: I was not at all alone in my life. Quite the contrary, my […]