Where Are The Things That Take Your Time Taking You?

Marion Youngblood, Coach | Speaker

Tick Tock. You and I both know the finite-ness of our lives. We know “we ain’t getting out alive,” but are we honoring our lives and all that’s in them with the choices we make about how we spend our time?

Do the things we spend our time on honestly and clearly line up with what’s most important to us?

Nobody chooses how you spend your time. That’s all yours.

And that’s really good news.

If you are “too busy” for the important things you’d like to do or if you “don’t have time” to be the person you most want to be because of all the demands of your life, those are strong hints that you are living disconnected from your values. And again, I promise, that’s really good news because YOU are simply inviting YOURSELF to wake-up and make some changes. What you are hearing is the best part of you asking for help and you’ve never been more ready.

Don’t ignore the invitation.

Listen, I know a thing or two about living disconnected from what’s most important. As a recovering perfectionist and also a former approval addict, I know how it feels to spin around, busy as all hell, and never feel like you are enough. And as awful as that is, and as hard as this may be to hear, YOU are the one who is deciding to stay in that spin. But you don’t have to continue.

You can, right now, look at your clock – because it’s alarming – and gently touch the button that silences the alarm. You’ve received your wake-up call.

Wipe the sleep from your life and allow yourself to see what’s most important to you. What do you value in your life more than anything else? Chances are you know this stuff like the back of your hand but it’s covered up with the minutia that living disconnected from yourself creates. You can begin the journey to uncover it.

But know this…you can gently and gracefully begin to take your life in a different direction if that is what your soul is telling you it wants. You can.

I know you want to honor your life and all that’s in it. Spend time getting clear on what’s most important to you and line everything up with whatever that is. When you do, you will not only have the time you need for your life, but you will show up with so much more to give.

And you will love where you are going.

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