Think What You’d Like

Marion Youngblood, Coach | Speaker | Writer

Last week, I asked several really smart people to think what they’d like.

And you know what? All of them hesitated. They hesitated because, unfortunately, that’s an unfamiliar request. To some, it was a downright odd request. That got me thinking…

Truth is, we can handle a lot of requests. I see us doing it every single day. In fact, we are so busy handling all the requests we get from our jobs, our spouses, our kids, our aging parents, our siblings, and our friends that we forget to check-in and listen to what we might have in the way of requests for ourselves. 

All that busy-ness doesn’t serve us well because we don’t live our best lives if we live disconnected from ourselves and our heart’s desires. 

If you get up, get going, get to work, get the kids taken care of, get stuff done, get home, get more stuff done, get to bed…and all that leaves you feeling great, that’s awesome! But if all that doesn’t leave you feeling “on-purpose” and it doesn’t fill you up, I’ve got a couple questions for you:

What do you crave? What is it that you’d like to have/do/be/create/become? 

Is it a certain amount of money?

Peace of mind?


A family?



There are no wrong answers here, so whatever it is, I encourage you to name it and make no apology for it – and by all means – start moving in the direction of your heart’s desires.

There’s power in taking the time to think what you’d like because when you know what you’re after, you can tell if you are moving in the right direction or not. And with that knowledge you can course-correct if need be.

Without taking the time to think what you’d like, you might spend your precious time on things that are not at all aligned with your heart’s desires. And you wouldn’t do that on purpose.

Your time and energy are your precious resources are they are only yours to dole out. 

I know we act like we’re not in control and we have no choice, but that’s just not true.

Nobody makes your choices for how you spend your time and energy. It’s your time and it’s your energy and those are your choices.

How are they lining up with what you’d like to have/do/be/create/become?

What you do next matters . . .

Life’s a precious privilege. Let’s wake-up and live it!

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