Time To Worry

Not time to worry

Last week, as I was talking with a friend, I heard myself say something really strange. And upon reflection I am now also calling what I said silly. That makes what I said to my friend both silly AND strange. Yes, it takes a lot of patience to be my friend. Here’s what happened…

My friend was going on and on about all that was going to happen with her family at the end of the summer. One child is going off to college, another is going from middle school to high school, and she will be  changing jobs. No doubt, that’s a lot of stuff, so with heartfelt conviction and a huge desire to help, I said “Well, the good news is that it is not time to worry about all that yet.”

I honestly do not remember what my friend said to me in response to that statement, because as the words left my mouth and entered the atmosphere all I could do was think about what the heck I meant by that. To me, my comment implied that although now was the wrong time to worry that there would be a right time to worry at a later date.

I was totally wrong.  

There is not a right time or wrong time to worry about anything. That’s because worry has no positive value anytime. Well, unless you consider creating mind-numbing-worst-case-scenarios that stay ever-present and active in your mind helpful to creating your best life. Or, unless you take pleasure in a dry mouth, knots in your stomach, increased respiration and general agitation. I didn’t think so.

It is not time to worry yet and it never will be. It is, however, time to ask “What can I do and what am I willing to do about (fill in the blank with whatever you are worried about) so that I have the life I want?” And remember, worrying about it is NOT an option.

If asking that question yields a list of things that you can do, get busy! But if you discover that there is truly nothing you can do, or nothing you are willing to do, then the only thing that makes sense is to give it up. Give it up to the universe or whatever higher power you believe in and know that giving it up in this way does not mean that you no longer care.  It just means that you have realized your place in the situation. There is an amazing peace that comes with that realization.

It is, most definitely, not time to worry.

We are creating our lives…one decision at a time.

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