Stop Life From Kicking You In The Butt

I hear from so many good and smart people say that it’s hard to “get it all done.” There’s the job, the kids, the spouse, partner, significant other, the desire to workout, the desire to do everything well, the pressure of it all…I often hear that these wonderful folks feel like life is kicking them […]

Are You Free?

Every single day good people imprison themselves. They tell themselves that they are not enough. That they are failures. That they are too sensitive. That they are not sensitive enough. That they are not pretty enough. That they are not thin enough. That nothing good will ever happen for them. That nobody will ever love […]

Be Sure To Only Die Once

When my mother died nearly twenty years ago, my world turned upside down and I was completely unable to continue with my life as I had known it before her death. I didn’t know how to live without my mother and I struggled mightily. One day, several months after mom’s death while I was still as […]

What Are You Worth?

I had to look up the definition of worth as I sat down to write this article and so, I want you to know that for the purposes of this article, worth is defined as the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated. For you, things that deserve to be valued might sparkle and shine. They […]