We Are Just Like Pennies


Did you know that the phrase, “A penny for your thoughts,” dates back to around 1535? And that back then, it was a silver coin?

Fascinating isn’t it?

Okay, I admit it’s not that riveting, but I did wake up in the middle of the night (thank you menopause) with this little idiom on my mind so I looked it up.

As I googled and read for a little insight, what I found completely fascinating (and I mean it this time) was that a penny, if put in the bank back then and allowed to grow at 5% interest, would have been worth upwards of $43 million at the turn of this century. That’s according the website StraightDope.com. 

Seriously. That makes my jaw drop.

A measly penny.

And that makes me think two things:

1. No matter how small or trivial, or even disposable something might seem – everything has value – Especially if we’ll take the time to see it as part of something bigger.

Think about this: It is so easy to disregard and toss a penny away. Many of us won’t even bend over to pick one up if we drop it. After all, “It’s only a penny,” we say. But when that penny is seen as something that has value and potential, when it’s seen as worth something, and therefore kept around and allowed to grow, it will grow. Remember the single penny that soared in value because it was invested rather than tossed aside? The measly penny that got this whole conversation started? Now just think what would have happened had it been combined with other coins and allowed to grow. 

Oh my!

And that leads me to this…

2. We humans are just like that penny.

Each one of us is so very valuable and we have so much potential. Especially when we join forces and see ourselves as part of something bigger.

What you do next matters…


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