We’re Always Leaving Tracks


I love being on the beach. I especially love all the tracks that people, animals and vehicles leave in the sand. While I visited the coast recently, I couldn’t help noticing how much of an imprint I was leaving behind as I walked to the water. As I noticed the tracks I was leaving, I began to try to NOT leave any tracks at all.


And that’s exactly like it is in life. We cannot help but leave tracks wherever we go. Whatever we do or don’t do. Whatever we say or don’t say. We are having an impact and leaving tracks behind us.

Oh we can try to change the size of our impact and imprint, that’s for sure.

But we cannot help but leave tracks.

Makes you wonder what kind of tracks you are leaving behind, doesn’t it?

I’d like to be part of building a world in which more of us wake up and live intentionally. A world where more of us are deeply aware of what we’re doing and the kind of tracks we’re leaving behind as we show up in the world.

I like imagining that world. It would be a world where kindness lives.

I didn’t always care about the tracks I was leaving behind. And while I’m not proud of that, I know I cannot undo any of the unintentional “bad tracks” I left in the past. But I take great pleasure in knowing that I can sure make sure I leave good tracks as I move forward in my life.

Walk softly or stomp hard! It’s most definitely up to you. But never forget…however you decide to show up, you are always leaving tracks.

What you do next matters.

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