What’s Most Important To You?

Marion Youngblood, Coach|Speaker

If you and I have any hope of living our lives with purpose, confidence and peace, we have got to know what’s most important to us. And after we connect with that, we then have to line up our lives so that what’s most important is what drives our daily choices and actions. Plain and simple, we’ve got to know what our core values are.

Begin 2015 purposefully creating your life and not letting life happen to you!
Begin 2015 with a greater sense of purpose, confidence and peace!

What if you always knew what to do and what was right for you?

What if you had an ever-present compass that always pointed to your best life?

Well, you can and you do.

You can always know what to do and what’s right for you. And you can always, always, count on your own inner-compass to point you towards your best life.

Knowing what’s most important to you means you know your core values.

Your core values are not a measure of your ethics or morality! Your core values point to what is most important to you. We’re not making judgments here – YOU get to decide what is most important to you!

And the best news of all…it’s not hard to reconnect to this important part of yourself.

I’m offering a special coaching package in January that will give you the quick-start you need to tap into your true essence and get you aligned with what’s most important! (Yes, this will be a swift but gentle kick right where you need it!)

Here’s how it works:

In two sessions together, each 60 minutes over the telephone or via Skype, we will get you reconnected to your core values and then create a plan for you to operate from a place of alignment with the things that matter most to you.

Life changes in big ways when you know and align with what’s most important.

So, here’s the deal: 2 sixty minute sessions between me and you, some homework to do and a few emails in between the two sessions, and a plan to live your life with a greater connection to yourself so that you enjoy a greater sense of purpose, confidence and peace.

All of that for a one-time price of $119.00

Want it? Contact me.

This offer excites me and I hope it excites you too! Space is limited.

All the best in 2015!

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