When You Are Not Sure What To Do – Do THIS


“Anger, resentment and jealousy don’t change the heart of others –
they only change yours.” Shannon Alder


What do you do when your anger, resentment or jealousy last for more than four hours? Do you call your doctor? Phone a friend?

It’s more than a little awkward, not to mention uncomfortable, when you are walking around with those horrible feelings and they will just not go away! I’ve developed a two-part solution that works like a charm. I hope you’ll try it out.

Part one:
Next time you notice that you feel angry, resentful or jealous, NO MATTER HOW JUSTIFIED YOU FEEL YOU ARE TO THOSE FEELINGS, remember that you are damaging yourself by holding on.

YOU are hurting YOU, so let that sink in.

Now, with your eyes open to that fact, put your hand on your beating heart, take a deep breath, and imagine how different you would feel if you poured love into your heart. 

Feel the immediate soothing? Soak in it.

Part two:
After you’ve soaked your heart in love, go now and let love pour out of you. Season your life and all that’s in it, to taste, with love.

Let love be your key ingredient. Decide how much to use and when. You have total control.

Can you imagine?

What if the answer, no matter the question, is “add love to taste?”

When your sibling brings up your past failing, but only for the 199th time,…”add love to taste.”

When your friend shares your story with someone else without your permission,…”add love to taste.”

When your spouse or partner misses an opportunity to make you feel seen,…”add love to taste.”

No matter what, ADD LOVE TO TASTE. Because it’s clear that love feels better, way better, than anger or resentment or jealousy. And you decide what you keep in your heart.

What you do next matters…


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