Hey Zappos, Where Are The Horses?

Our equine mates, Carol and Wilbur, made this short video for you. They are feeling a tad left out.

H O W D Y   Z A P P O S  !

This is Renee Sievert

Renee Sievert
She loves horses, blue Skyy (not a mistake), and Cowboy boots (you capitalize Cowboy, right?)

This is Marion Youngblood

Marion Youngblood
She loves horses too, seventies music (don’t judge), and Fritos make her happy.

They are both life and business coaches.

They sometimes work in conference rooms, classrooms and board rooms.


They often work on horse farms with horses as their co-facilitators.

They are about transformative and experiential learning that helps their clients see themselves with greater clarity and become aware of what, if anything, might be holding them back from their greatest lives and desires.

They both have lots of experience working with individuals, leaders, teams and organizations…

But that sounds like a lot of blah – blah – blah and they aren’t about the blah! They are all about the experience with the horses.


It’s different for sure…

But to get different results, you must do something different, right?

They will tailor your workshop based on where you are right now and all you have to do is show up with an open mind…

Easy Peasy.

And if you want to know a little more, just scroll down on this page to read what others are saying about their experiences.

Image 3-28-16 at 8.08 AM

This is learning that sticks.

And it results in change that makes a lasting difference.

You can call now to talk with Marion, 919-270-1011, or email her: marion@marionyoungblood.com

Here’s what some participants have said:

“It is amazing how immediate the feedback is from the horses (and the coaches); you will see amazing results in one day. I strongly encourage you to try this. Everyone on my team finds it the most valuable coaching and team building they ever received.”   ~ Colleen Marshall, Chief Operating Officer, Vital Decisions, Edison, NJ

“The Equus Experience was memorable, instructive, and life-affirming!  I learned that uncertainty is opportunity, assumptions need to be questioned, and recognition of teamwork is essential.”   ~ Travis H., Business Development and Communications Strategist, DC

“There were so many metaphors for life:  Learning to lead gently; Building trust; Being in congruence; Being open; Connecting with others; Working together.  The nonverbal interplay was amazing!”  ~ Nancy Donoghue, Mental Health Systems, San Diego, CA

Horses are great teachers. They help us:

  • Operate from a place of freedom rather than fear

  • Be more present

  • Value honest feedback

  • And lots more we can’t wait for you to experience

They don’t care about:

  • What you wear or your appearance

  • How much money you have

  • Your degree or accolades

They care very much about:

  • The energy you  bring with you

  • How clear you are in your communication

  • How congruent you are

  • How much they can trust you and how safe you feel

And when you are with them, you will know – immediately – where you stand!

Horses As Coaches

You can choose between 1/2 day, full day, or 2-3 day workshops.  Everything is tailored especially for you.

Here’s just a tad more about the human coaches…

Renee Sievert: Is an author, speaker, and leadership consultant. She is Certified as a Master Coach, and a Master Equus Facilitator and specializes in the areas of clinical consulting, executive leadership and team development, assisting organizations to manage change and helping teams formulate and implement future-minded organizational goals. Renee is also a Registered Nurse, holds an master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). Renee is also a Brene Brown Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.

Marion Youngblood:  Is a Certified Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Consultant, Team Excellence Coach and Speaker specializing in helping individuals, teams and organizations connect with who they are at their best. Her work supports individuals, teams and organizations in becoming purpose-driven and values-infused. Additionally, her work assists her clients connect with their purpose (their “why”) and then use that clarity so that as they live and work, their hearts as well as their minds are fully engaged in all they do.

Both Renee and Marion received their Life Coach Certifications through Dr. Martha Beck’s training program.

You’d have to agree that horses would be a great addition to your tribe, right? At the very least we can continue the conversation about whether or not THEY invented Holacracy. 

This work can take place at a location near you or at any destination of your choosing. We will handle all the arrangements with the horse farm.

You can call now to talk with Marion, 919-270-1011, or email her: marion@marionyoungblood.com