Happy Hour Special – 2 for 1 Pints of Poison


We humans do some really strange and terrible things to ourselves at times. We might be able to claim it’s unintentional, and that might even offer a smidge of relief. But we can do better.

I know you’ve heard it before, so consider this a loving, gentle reminder:

If you are choosing to cling to anger and resentment, you are choosing to poison yourself.

And friends, if you are “bellying-up” to the bar with your angry and resentful buddy and adding your voice to their chorus of “I’ve been done wrong,” you are part of their poisoning and that same poison is splashing into you.

Let’s stop poisoning ourselves.

Listen, I know you probably have good reason to be mad as hell. It’s not fair when the person you love cheats on you and lies to you. When the job you want and are more qualified for is given to someone else. When someone else gets the credit for what you worked so hard to make happen. And it’s not one bit fair when your so-called “friends” talk about you behind your back and put you down.

But you know what’s really unfair?

What’s really unfair is when you choose to cause yourself further damage by allowing your heart to be hardened by your anger and resentment.

Anger, by itself, can be a very healthy response to certain events. Feeling angry over something you consider unjust is a sure sign that your values are being violated and from where I sit, that’s a really good thing. You and I ought to feel great passion for the things we value!

But when the anger is still around months and even years later, let’s face it, it’s not the person or the event that’s the problem anymore.

It’s you choosing to poison yourself.

I encourage you to stop, right now, and switch your pint of poison for a nice tall tumbler of kindness and wash it down with another glass of forgiveness.

Remember two things as you enjoy the improved taste of your new beverages:

Whatever “they” did was never about you, it was about them.

You are not being kind and forgiving for “their” sake – you are choosing kindness and forgiveness for your own sake.

And you deserve it.

What you do next matters…

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