Are You Doing What You Enjoy?

I am a little embarrassed it took me so long.

I used to ask, “what do you want?” when I was trying to help people figure out what they needed to do to move themselves towards their best lives. It’s a clear enough question, but after hearing really smart and good people stumble for an answer, I knew I needed a new approach. Turns out, “what do you want?” might be a clear question, but it is not an “easy” question to answer for most of us!

I get that now.

So, I have a new question. Now I ask, “what do you enjoy?”

And the answers begin to pour out immediately.

Oh how they come tumbling!

Try it for yourself. Next time you are at any sort of crossroad or decision-point in your life, stop and fling the door to your mind and heart wide open and let yourself say what you enjoy.

Don’t sensor your answers. Just name them. Claim them. Write them down. Draw them. Do whatever it takes to embed the sources of your joy into your soul.

Then begin to do those things. As often as you can.

Because if you want abundance, (and who doesn’t?) that is how to get it.

And oh, by the way, if you choose to live from a place of abundance, it is always clear what you really want and what’s right for you. You won’t stumble over the “what do I want?” question ever again.

Now go and enjoy yourself.

What you do next matters…

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