Leaders: Don’t Focus On Customer Service


It might be time to jump off the customer service bandwagon and throw away all the manuals and modules that claim to be your “answer” to providing great customer service. That’s because you can’t begin to move the needle on your customer service until you:



An organization with a soul is one where your employees understand and deeply believe your products and services contribute to making the world a better place for your customers.

And because they know they are contributing to something bigger than themselves, these same employees come to work with their minds and their hearts engaged in all they do. They also fully adhere to and promote the core values and principles that guide the behavior of every single employee of the company.

So, until that describes your employees, you don’t need to focus on customer service at all. You need to focus on building a different culture within your organization…a culture that has a soul.

And if you are a leader, you don’t have a more important job.

Consider these questions as a start:

Why does your business exist?

How do your products and services serve the world?

What are the values that inform all your decisions as you operate your business?

What are the principles that guide the behavior of every employee in your organization?

These are questions that need your attention. Tackle them, get everyone you can involved in answering them, then communicate your answers like crazy, weave them into the fabric of your day-to-day, and watch what happens.

Your customer service will be legendary, because your organization will have a soul.