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Your Fertile Ground

I didn’t grow the stuff you see in the planter in the picture above. At least not intentionally. But I grew it nonetheless. And that’s exactly how our subconscious mind works… If we leave our thoughts unattended, if we don’t intentionally feed our minds with desirable material, the stuff we WANT, we clutter it up […]

Nothing Is Plenty

There is no part of me that disagrees with the Zen Masters, the psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, life coaches – not a single soul – when they talk about the importance of stillness and doing nothing. In fact, my wish for the entire world is that we all learn how to be comfortable in doing nothing. And I’ll go […]

Insider Information

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you just know that something is right for you, but it’s soooo different from what you are doing right now or from what people expect from you? Or how about this… That feeling you get sometimes when you just know that something is wrong for you, but […]

Permission To Play

As I listened to the long and very drawn out explanation of everything that was wrong with his life and all the reasons why he wasn’t happy, I finally interrupted with a question: “When was the last time you went out to play and had some fun?” There was a pause. And then an exasperated […]