Wipe The Sleep From Your Life

There is something you need to know about me…

I see sleepy people. Everywhere.

No, the people I see aren’t tucked into their beds snoozing and they aren’t in their recliners or even on their sofas…

It’s worse than that. They are at jobs they don’t love, in relationships that don’t light them up. They feel trapped in their day to day routines and they are surrounded by lots of other people whose lives are the sleepy same.

And it gets even worse. These sleepy people don’t like who they are or who they are becoming.

Well, I’ve got two words for those people: WAKE THE HELL UP!

Yeah, I know that’s more than two words…good catch.

It’s time to stop doing the sleepy stuff and start doing the stuff that kicks your life into high gear.

I can help you and in turn, you can join me in building a world that is full of awake people.

Take a look…

I want to build a world in which you get to STOP:

  • Being afraid to be yourself because someone told you there was something wrong with you.
  • Listening to people who claim they know what’s best for you because they have no access to that whatsoever.
  • Blaming the life you have on what other people have done or not done.
  • Being sleepy and putting off waking the hell up and living your life.

I want to build a world in which you get to BOLDLY START:

  • Honoring your unique preferences and talents, no matter how totally “unique” they may be.
  • Honoring your own vision for your life because you are the one who gets to live it.
  • Honoring yourself by taking nothing less than 100% responsibility for what is and what is not in your life.
  • Waking up, right now, getting your butt in gear, coming ALIVE and creating the life you want!

Want any of this?


Because when we stop doing the sleepy stuff and start doing the awake stuff, we are truly building a world where kindness lives, and that is the reason I get out of bed every morning. It truly is.

So, let’s do this.

Let’s do it for you and your life. And let’s do it for the big, wonderful world out there that’s aching for more kindness.

Here’s what you can do:

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“The problem is you think you have time.” – Buddha

Let’s do this. Now.

What you do next matters…