Getting The Love You Want

love!It’s possible I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love. But, I’m not one bit on-fire for the kind of love that you go searching for “out there.”  Nope. That kind of love makes you graspy, needy, and comes from a place of lacking. Instead, the love that gets my juices going all crazy is love for SELF. Yeah, that’s right SELF LOVE baby. That’s the kind of love that will, literally, change the world.

Love for SELF is the most underrated commodity in our society. I really believe that. Because I wholeheartedly believe that if you don’t love yourself, you cannot fully love another person and you cannot fully accept love from anyone else. You have to love yourself.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Easy to say, not so easy to do, right? I mean, come on, it’s hard to love yourself with all your imperfections, not to mention it’s downright selfish to be so self-centered. Paying all this attention to yourself might just turn you into one of those puppy-in-your-purse, narcissistic, clueless-to-the-needs-of-others types! Think so? Then, I’ve got two words for you!

THAT’S A BUNCH OF CRAP. Okay, that’s more than two words, but at least you’re paying attention. Seriously though, if you are withholding love from yourself until you’re perfect in your own eyes and you’re really worried that you will stop caring about others if you love yourself, CRAP is the only word that comes to mind. Here’s why:

You are right where you are right now. You look the way you look right now. You weigh what you weigh right now. You have the job (or not) that you have right now. You have the relationship (or not) that you have right now. I could go on and on but I’ll stop. You are where you are right now. And right now, you have a choice to make.

Are you going to love yourself right where you are? Or are you going to withhold love from yourself right where you are?

I know this to be true…If you choose to love yourself right now, right where you are, you will be able to move towards whatever you want. Unfortunately though, if you choose to withhold your love, you will be your biggest obstacle in getting whatever you want. You will be in your own way.

“If you have no self-love, you have no love at all.” ~ Mastin Kipp

The LOVE you want already exists within you. Why not choose to embrace it? My guess is, if you are anything like me, you’ve withheld your love from yourself plenty. Will you give the other way a try? It works.

There’s no reason to withhold your love, because right now, YOU ARE ALREADY:
Beautiful – Enough – Sexy – Enough – Successful – Enough – Smart – Enough – Good – Enough Rich – Enough – You Are Enough.
Right Now.

You really are. You are also 100% unrepeatable. Give yourself the best Valentine’s Day gift there is…the gift of your own love. You are so worth it.

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