The Thing You Can’t Not Do

Marion Youngblood, Coach | Speaker

With all of my heart, I believe we’ve all got a thing that we simply can’t not do.

Maybe you have to paint. Or ride horses. Or go back to school. Or write. Or teach. Or whittle. Or sing. Or cook . . .

Whatever it is, you simply have to do it to feel congruent, on-purpose, aligned. You have to do it to feel like yourself. You have to do it to feel truthful.

What’s your thing that you can’t not do?

Are you doing it?

Are you honoring who you are and allowing yourself to give that part of you to your world?

I sure hope so, because when you don’t do the thing you can’t not do, you suffer.

Why would you choose to suffer?

Oh, I know that there might be those who tell you that you shouldn’t do your thing. They might even say that doing it is selfish or foolish.

But they are wrong.

You are the only one with the privilege of living and leading your life and no one – NO ONE – knows what is right for you, but you.

You want to give your best to your life and everything in it. I know that about you. To do that, you really do have to do the thing you can’t not do.

Go now. Do it.

For yourself, for your world and all that’s in it.

What you do next matters . . .

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