What’s The Rush?

Calm, no rushing

OK, OK, I know that there’s a lot to do and I even get that there never seems to be enough time. But, are you willing to stop for just a second to really, really consider this question…What’s the rush?

Seriously, why are you rushing through the things that you’re rushing through?

Is it because there is something way more important on the other side that you just have got to get to? Is it possible that you’re rushing because that’s become your way? Has it become normal to rush because you’ve bought into the idea that there’s not enough time? Consider this from Seth Godin, “you don’t need more time, you need to decide.” Ouch. The only reason that burns is because of how deeply true it is, right?

I heard the question, “What’s the rush Marion?” from Sonya Myers when we were working on getting my website up and running. We were going back and forth on something and she wrote back to me, in a truly loving and leading way, “What’s the rush?” I honestly had no answer…There was no reason whatsoever to be in such a rush. I was rushing because I hadn’t stopped to ask myself why I was rushing.

Ever since then,  when I find myself not enjoying the whatever of what I am doing and I feel my jaw clenching and my adrenaline pumping to hurry the heck up, I ask myself, “What’s the rush?” Usually there is none. And if there really is something on the other side of what I’m doing that I really want to get to, I have come to understand that I won’t be delivered to that any better off by rushing through right now.

So really…”What’s the rush?”

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