Have A Good-Nice Day


As I was leaving a store last week, an employee shouted out, “have a good, nice day!” On any other day I may not have heard the words so clearly, but on this day these words rang out clearly because I was having a particularly trying day. Honestly, I was having a bad day and I must admit that the phrase felt a little empty and I was put off a little bit. As I drove home still thinking about the words, I ended up asking myself what would it actually take to make today a good or nice day? Remember, I was already having a bad day, so I didn’t have anything to lose.  What I figured out was that, on this day, having a good-nice day would have meant:

Not allowing the voices of others to drown out my own… I was listening to everyone but myself on this day.

Staying focused on all the good that is ever-present in my life…I was seeing what I lacked in my life on this day.

Reaching out and connecting with people who love and support me…I was withdrawn and had closed myself off on this day.

No matter how sincere the lady who bid me goodbye with “have a good, nice day” might have been, it was not going to happen for me on that day. Not the way I was operating!

Which is exactly the point…good and nice days don’t just happen.  Good and nice days happen because we set ourselves up to have good-nice days.

Setting ourselves up to have these days requires that we know what represents a “good-nice day” for us. It requires that we figure out the answer to the question, “What do I need to do to make having a good-nice day more likely?” To be sure, the answer will be different for nearly every one of us, but it’s really important to know what your “good-nice day” checklist contains.

Setting ourselves up to have these days also requires that we not count on things outside of our control to make us feel good about our days. In fact, if we do that we are pretty much guaranteed that we will have a bad day…every day! None of us is interested in that!

What represents your “good-nice day,” and what do you need to do to make having a “good-nice day” more likely? I was able to turn my bad day into a good day because of this exercise and you can too!

We are creating our lives…one decision at a time.

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