Everyday Adjectives


Recently, in an attempt to have my days turn out the way I want them to turn out, I have been trying something new. If you are anything like me, some days, heck maybe even most days, come and go in a blur and as your head hits the pillow at night there is a sense of “well that wasn’t really what I expected today to be like!” So in order to spare myself those feelings of exasperation, I am doing what my very good friend encourages me to do and that is begin my day with the end of the day in mind.

Somewhere between my first and tenth cup of coffee in the morning, I ask myself this question: “As I am washing my face and brushing my teeth later tonight preparing for bed, what two adjectives do I hope will best describe my day?” The results of this exercise have been amazing! First of all, asking this question forces me to think about what I need to do and that helps me prioritize my time. Next it makes me think about how I want to feel at the end of the day and that keeps me from getting caught up in the prevailing winds of drama and emotion that might be blowing around me. In short, this exercise helps me take even greater responsibility for creating the life I want.

My answers vary wildly each day. Some days I have very grown-up answers like productive & thoughtful.

Other days I have answers like quiet & wide-eyed, or funny & free, or delicious & confident. The best part is that there are no wrong answers and I just love that! But no matter what answers you come up with, or the words you choose, I think you will be amazed at how powerful it is to state your goal for the day on behalf of yourself as you start your day. And if you keep these words in your mind throughout the day, you will actually find yourself putting your day together so that you get what you want! How’s that for cool?

Maybe you would like to try this too? Here’s a link to a list of adjectives to spark your mind if you need a little spark.

At the end of this day, what two adjectives do you hope will describe your day?

We are creating our lives…one decision at a time.

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