Open To Becoming


I get a physical rush of clear energy when a message hits my brain and I “get” it. It’s such a gift when that one piece of information finds its way in and then, seemingly in a flash, all the jagged and previously separate things I knew fit together and things just make sense. Some call this kind of “getting it” a “light bulb moment” and that makes sense to me. It’s beautiful and it’s definitely illuminating.

I had such a moment yesterday. As I sat listening to the message at my Episcopal Church, the words that rang out to me were, “…it is about the person we are OPEN to becoming…”

It really IS about who we are open to becoming.

Sure, we can choose to look back at our lives up to this point and stay fastened to the things we did or did not do that bring up feelings of regret. But how does staying fastened to regret serve us in creating the life we want?  

We can most certainly choose to stay tied to the disapproving messages of our less than supportive teachers, friends and loved ones about how we have put our lives together thus far. But how does staying tied up to disapproval serve us in creating the life we want?

We can choose to live in that world where we make who we were or were not the most important thing, but I think we can make a better choice.

And that better choice is to live in this world, the world we are in today, and open ourselves up to becoming. That means unfastening and untying ourselves from all the things that we have given permission to keep us closed off thus far. Are you ready to open up? Who are you open to becoming?

We are creating our lives…one decision at a time.

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